Ammonite Fossil
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Ammonite fossils are extremely useful to geologists because the species evolved rapidly. This means each different species had a short and distinct lifespan providing important information about the strata (layer of rock) each one is found in.  

They are usually represented upside down. The opening of the chamber of an ammonite would have been at the top. Ammonites are the early relatives of the nautilus creatures alive today.   

A well-exposed Jurassic fault along the Balintore foreshore has ensured that a number of Jurassic fossils have been found in this area, including numerous belemnites and some ammonites. This is one of very few exposures of Jurassic rock in Scotland and particularly in the north-east of the country.  

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Date: 150,000,000 BCE
Materials : Organic matter
Size : 15cm x 5cm

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