Bronze Age Halberd – Modern Reproduction
West Highland Museum

During the Bronze Age, halberds like this one were used as weapons, as well as for hunting and perhaps even as symbols of status and importance.

Today, they are recognised as valuable archaeological artefacts that give us clues to the lives of the people of the past. This one dates from approximately 1300 – 1600 BC. It was found at Leanachan Forest when the Forestry Commission were constructing a path in the 1960s.

As well as the original object, the West Highland Museum also has a reproduction. Reproduction objects can be very useful for educational purposes – they can be handled by the public without risking damage to the original object. Holding replica objects also gives a good indication of their weight and other tactile qualities.

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Date: 1300 – 1600 BCE
Materials : Bronze
Size : 9cm

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