Commemorative Pocket Watch
The Highlander’s Museum

During the early twentieth century, pocket watches were the height of fashion for the upper classes. They were not new – this portable way to tell the time had actually been invented as early as 1510.  

From 1868, wrist watches were available, but pocket watches like this one could be a status symbol as they were visibly displayed, attached by a chain to the jacket, waistcoat or belt loop.  

This expensive gold pocket watch was presented to Sergeant Alexander Edwards of the Seaforth Highlanders by the people of his hometown, Lossiemouth.  

It was their way of celebrating his Victoria Cross medal. This had been awarded for bravery under fire during the battle of Pilckem Ridge on the Western Front of World War One. This story is inscribed onto the back of the case. 

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Date: 1917
Materials : Gold
Size : 17cm

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