Glass Goblet
Brora Heritage Centre

This sherry glass may look very ordinary, but its story is connected to the last person to drink from it! It was actually was used by the late Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh (1921-2021), on his visit to the mine on May 3rd, 1963.

Prince Philip was given an underground tour of the mine, followed by sherry in the mine offices. Members of the Royal Family go to visits like this as part of their official duties and responsibilities. It is often a great morale boost for a community to host someone of significance and can be very positive for strengthening national unity.

The fact that the glass was kept shows that the presence of Prince Philip was seen as significant. It was donated to Clyne Heritage Society by Lorna Milnes, the wife of the last owner of the Brora Coal Mine.

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Date: 1900s
Materials : Glass
Size : 10cm x 5cm

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