Horsehair Fly Whip
Strathnaver Museum

Sometimes called a fly whisk, this horsehair whip would have been used to swat flies.

The term horsehair refers to the manes of the animal, as well as the tails which can grow very long. Horsehair has been used throughout history for a range of purposes, with some unusual uses including in bows for violins, to make jewellery, and in fishing. In the early 1900s, it was even used for suturing during surgery.

Horsehair is a versatile and valuable natural material because as well as being fine and supple, it is also strong.

This fly whip or whisk may have been very useful in a Highland home, especially in midge season!

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Date: 1800s-1900s
Materials : Horsehair, Wood
Size : 53cm

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