Iona Celtic Art Tea Cosy

Groam House Museum

This embroidered tea cosy is a highly-decorative functional object which has been embellished with a design featuring intertwined snakes and birds.

It is believed to be the work of Euphemia Ritchie (1856 – 1941). Euphemia attended the Glasgow School of Art where she met Alexander Ritchie. The couple married and moved to the island of Iona where they created the successful design brand ‘Iona Celtic Art’ together.

Their work was influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement as well as by Celtic designs, sometimes borrowing elements from the carved stones found on the island.

This design is on green linen with the snakes shown in a blue satin stitch and a black outline. The birds’ heads are joined by double interlace in gold satin. Sadly, over time this item has become stained and faded.

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Date: 1920-1940
Materials : Linen
Size : 30cm

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