Mud-stained Kilt

The Highlander’s Museum

One of the most well-known objects at The Highlanders’ Museum, this mud-stained kilt was worn at the Battle of Aisne by Private J. Calder of the 1st Battalion Cameron Highlanders. This was one of the first battles of the war and took place in September 1914.  

There were advantages and disadvantages to wearing kilts in the trenches: on the one hand, it was easier to wade through mud and water, the middle of the body was kept warm, and they helped with morale. However, kilts became very heavy when damp, were prone to flea infestations in the folds of the fabric, and bare skin was exposed to gas attacks and susceptible to burns. The kilt was replaced with tartan trousers (or trews) in World War Two.  

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Date: 1914
Materials : Wool
Size : 60cm x 65cm

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