Silver statuette of Colonel Francis Humberston Mackenzie, 1st Baron Seaforth 
The Highlanders’ Museum

This object helps us understand Scotland’s role in the British empire. It is a statue of Francis Humberston Mackenzie who founded the 78th (Highland) Regiment of Foot in 1793. This regiment later became the Seaforth Highlanders, with close links to many families across the Highlands.   

Mackenzie was an interesting figure, partially sighted and only partially able to speak due to scarlet fever as a child. Mackenzie is notable for having overcome many obstacles presented by his disability. Throughout his life, he held many titles including Governor General of Barbados.  

It is this role that has led to a reassessment of Mackenzie’s character. In Barbados, he oversaw and profited from slavery. The founding of the Seaforth Highlanders has been closely linked to Mackenzie’s proceeds from the slave trade.   

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Date: 1890-1895
Materials : Silver, Wood
Size : 50cm x 16cm

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Memorialising… The Transatlantic Slave Trade



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