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Discover more about Jacobite history

1) Discover the terrible story of the Glencoe Massacre.
In February 1692, the clansfolk of Glencoe famously had an example made of them – with terrible and tragic consequences. When they failed to pledge their allegiance to the new monarchs William III and Mary II on time, orders were given for the way out of the Glen to be blocked and for the murder of anyone found in the glen.
Watch the Highland Explorer video about Fort William and see the room where the order for the Glencoe Massacre was signed, now in the West Highlands Museum.
An Gearasdan | Museum of the Highlands
Explore a diorama based on the massacre in Glencoe Folk Museum, then take a look at the ‘On Reflection’ activity to help you memorialise these events with your students.
Diorama of the Glencoe Massacre | Museum of the Highlands
The Glencoe Massacre | Museum of the Highlands

2) Who was Prince Charles Edward Stuart, better known as Bonnie Prince Charlie? Introduce your students to this famous historical figure through two objects with close connections to the prince: his chair now at Glencoe Folk Museum and a death mask at the West Highlands Museum.
Chair Belonging to Bonnie Prince Charlie | Museum of the Highlands
Death Mask of Prince Charles Edward Stuart | Museum of the Highlands

3) Explore the days and hours leading up to the Battle of Culloden through an interactive story. Students can imagine what it must have felt like and explore how one man’s personality impacted the lives of so many.
Bonnie Prince Charlie | Museum of the Highlands
You can reflect further on this battle in the ‘On Reflection’ activity – will your students choose to celebrate the Jacobite achievements, or memorialise their loss?
Culloden | Museum of the Highlands

4) Find out more about the weapons on the battlefield. Explore an incredible knife used at Culloden and targe design.
Knife from Culloden | Museum of the Highlands
Replica Targe | Museum of the Highlands

5) Finally, what was life like for supporters of Prince Charles? Find out about the secret symbols and strategies they adopted, in the secret portrait at West Highland Museum.
Secret Portrait | Museum of the Highlands
Or try out our fun quiz, ‘Could You Survive’, so your students can get a taste of what life was life in the decades following the ’45.
After the ’45? | Museum of the Highlands

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