Medieval Round Shot
Strathnaver Museum

This round shot is made from stone and is believed to have been fired from a cannon present at the Siege of Borve Castle in Sutherland in August, 1554.  

Though now a ruin, the castle had been an important stronghold of the Clan Mackay. Its destruction was ordered on account of the failure of the Mackays to appear in front of Mary of Guise, mother of Mary, Queen of Scots.   

Though the castle had withstood past attacks, the arrival of the cannon caused great concern among those in Borve Castle, particularly Captain Rory Mor Mackay. He was right to be afraid. The castle itself was destroyed and he was hanged. This historic event gives us a good understanding of the ways that improvements in weapon technology changed the nature of conflict during the medieval period.  

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Date: 1554
Materials : Stone
Size : 7.5cm

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