Terence Cuneo,
Anduki Landing – Brunei’
The Highlanders’ Museum

This painting of a tropical scene helps shed light on the role of British Army soldiers sent overseas. It depicts a moment from 1962, when the Queen’s Own Highlanders landed at Anduki airfield in Brunei.   

During this time, the country was divided about becoming part of Malaysia. An ‘anti-federation’ group (people who did not want to Brunei to become part of Malaysia) called the TNKU took hostages during the conflict. The Queen’s Own Highlanders were sent in to free the hostages and stop the TNKU rebels.   

This is an example of a post-colonial conflict, where British forces were still involved in the politics of countries that were no longer colonies.  

The artist, Terence Cuneo, painted many scenes of military battles. His trademark was to hide a tiny mouse in all his paintings. Here, it can be seen running alongside the Queen’s Own Highlanders – can you find it?  

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Date: 1978
Materials : Oil Paint, Plaster Guilt Frame, Canvas
Size : 150cm x 100cm

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