Ups and Downs in India Board Game
Highland Museum of Childhood

This board game was produced by the Homeland Training College in 1930. Though aspects of it may surprise us today, it was intended as a fun way to learn about the duties and responsibilities of living and working in India.

The likely audience for the game was the children of those people relocating to India for work. The three characters represent some of the most common jobs that British people took up in India – as missionaries, colonial government officials and soldiers.

The boardgame is a strong reminder of Britain’s colonial presence in India, even in the 1930s. Tasks on the boardgame include ‘preaching to the people’, bible translation and teaching. It also highlights the difficulties that would be encountered abroad, including disease, monsoons and opposition from Indian people.

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Date: 1930
Materials : Cardboard
Size : 80cm x 20cm

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