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Role models and achievements

It can be incredibly inspiring to learn about the achievements of people from our own locality. Across the Highlands, there are some amazing stories and objects which give us a glimpse of the creativity, inventiveness, and compassion of the people of the region!

1) A great starting point on Museum of the Highlands is the medals you can find.
Anyone can get a medal or award. Achievements can even start in our schooldays. Check out the Hugh Miller Medal from Cromarty Courthouse Museum and the Dux Medal from Brora Heritage Centre to find out what people used to celebrate about school achievement. Do your students think medals like this are a good idea?
Hugh Miller Medal | Museum of the Highlands
Dux Medal | Museum of the Highlands

2) Dig a bit deeper into the lives of two fascinating recipients of medals from the medical profession.
Red Cross Nurse of 20 years, Janet Adams MBE, received an array of different medals.
Medals awarded to Janet Adams | Museum of the Highlands
Discover how she helped in the aftermath of a hurricane in our interactive story.
Janet Adams | Museum of the Highlands
Or read the incredible story of a doctor from the Tarbat peninsula. Dr Jack Pyle served as a medic during World War Two, having already been awarded a military cross during World War One. Discover his experiences serving in the North African Campaign in our interactive story.
Dr Jack Pyle | Museum of the Highlands

After these inspiring stories from the medical world, you can hold a debate with The Big Question. Is it time we started valuing the NHS more?
Is it time to value NHS workers more? | Museum of the Highlands

3) For a change of scene, discover a story of extraordinary bravery at sea and learn about the role of the RNLI in another interactive story. Find out how Captain Macrae was rescued by the ‘Portmahomack Heroes’.
Captain Macrae | Museum of the Highlands

4) If students are feeling inspired, they could discover what ordinary people like us can do too.
Read the interactive story of Barbara Fairweather, a fascinating lady who helped to found Glencoe Folk Museum. She received an OBE – how might other members of the community do the same?
Barbara Fairweather | Museum of the Highlands

5) Finally, use the On Reflection activities to create your own memorials or celebrations for people who are meaningful to your students.
On Reflection | Museum of the Highlands

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