Stereoscope & Stereoviews
Highland Museum of Childhood

This stereoscope is a wonderfully ornate example from the Victorian period and is in very good condition, indicating that it was a much treasured, special toy.   

The stereoscope was used by placing stereoscopic cards containing a pair of almost identical images, into the device. One image was seen by the left eye and the other by the right eye, simultaneously, so that a single three-dimensional image was seen by the viewer.   

This particular stereoscope is accompanied by 73 stereoviews – the name given to stereoscopic cards. They all illustrate places and landmarks from across the world in the Victorian period, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Blue Room in Buckingham Palace, and a Victorian beach scene.   

This stereoscope would have belonged to a lucky child. In Victorian times, only children from wealthier homes had childhoods that more closely resembled those of children today. They had access to a wider range of toys and also had leisure time, whilst those from the lower classes were expected to do chores or even work.

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Date: 1900
Materials : Wood, Metal, Cardboard
Size : 30cm x 20cm x 15cm

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