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Thimbles take us back to the days when sewing was a much more common pursuit. They protected the finger from being pricked or poked by a needle when sewing.

Thimbles are not new. Archaeological excavations have found thimbles dating back over two thousand years. This one, however, dates from the late Victorian period when it was designed by London jeweller and silversmith, B. W. Fase & Co.

It has been created from a sheet of silver, curled into a cylinder. The dimples and grooves on the thimble top are designed to catch the end of the needle and keep it from slipping.

Thimbles made of silver are quite soft and the constant pressure from the needle often caused damage to the surface. This thimble is in good condition with no scratches, suggesting it may have been kept as part of a decorative collection. Thimble-collecting has been a popular hobby!

The specially-shaped box with a velvet lining and hook fastening shows it would have been an expensive item.

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Date: 1880s
Materials : Silver
Size : 1.5cm x 2cm

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