Tress Ring
Cromarty Courthouse Museum

While they may not look like money to us, ‘tress rings’ like this were actually used as currency by Celtic tribes. We call this ‘proto-currency’. Unlike coins, which have to be kept in purses or pouches, ring money could be worn on clothing or strung together. It was found by a metal detectorist.

Metal detecting can be a frustrating hobby – but very rewarding in good weather and for anyone fortunate enough to have a find like this!

However, it is quite rare to find a tress ring. This one is actually incomplete. In fact, detectorists are unlikely to strike treasure! However, in Scotland, all objects of archaeological significance must be declared to the Treasure Trove.

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Date: 1500-1000 BCE
Materials : Copper Alloy Covered in Gold Foil
Size : 12cm – 0.5cm 

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