Victoria Cross
Brora Heritage Centre

A Victoria Cross is the highest and most prestigious award of the British honours system, awarded to members of the British Armed Forces for valour in the presence of the enemy. However, this particular example is even more unusual due to the way it has been presented!

It is part of the James Manson Sutherland Collection, although he was not its original recipient. How this medal came into his possession is an intriguing mystery. Jim had the medal set recessed into a block of polished Ledmore marble. Sadly, this prevents us now seeing the reverse, which has the date of the action for which the medal was awarded engraved on it. Without damaging the medal, it is now impossible to know who it belonged to.

Jim had a small plate made and placed below the set medal with the following inscription:

“1939-1945 – To the memory of my fallen comrades in the “Combined Operations” from J. M. Sutherland”

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Date: 1939-1945
Materials : Metal, Ribbon, Marble
Size : 3.5cm x 4cm

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