The Missing Trousers
Strathnaver Museum

This artwork was created by Joanne B. Karr as part of the project ‘Rob Donn Country: 300 Years of Rob Donn Mackay’. Each piece is a unique interpretation of themes, poems or events linked to Rob Donn.

Rob Donn is an extremely important figure in the history of Gaelic literature. Born at Altnacaillich, Strathmore, in 1714, Rob Donn lived through a chaotic period in Highland history, including the Jacobite risings. This artwork was created as part of the project to bring attention to this important poet.

Unable to read or write, Rob Donn dictated his poetry from memory towards the end of his life. He was known for his acerbic (sharp and witty) tongue. Whilst attending a wedding as an uninvited guest, Rob Donn poked fun at many guests whilst puzzling over the whereabouts of a pair of missing trousers, alluded to here. The poem also referred to the Dress Act of 1746 which prohibited the wearing of Highland dress in Scotland.

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Date: 2017
Materials : Denim, String, Peat, Paper, Metal
Size : 30cm x 40cm

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