Magic Lantern Projector and Slides
Highland Museum of Childhood

This particular magic lantern projector was used as an educational aid in Victorian times.   

To assemble the projector, the separate chimney, lens, and candle pot are all slotted into the main box-shaped part of the projector. Originally, a candle would be placed inside the candle pot, but it would need to be trimmed to just the right size so that the flame burned bright in front of the lens. (Tealight candles would be just right for this but remember, they weren’t invented in Victorian times!)   

Glass slides, with perhaps four or five small pictures on them, would then be slotted in in front of the lens and the pictures would be projected onto a wall for everybody to see. Sometimes, the teacher would talk about the pictures, tell a story, or play music as they moved the slides along to show the series of pictures. These slides are themed on various educational topics, including geography, pastimes, and fables. 

Roll Over The Image To Zoom In

Date: 1880
Materials : Metal
Size : 40cm x 20cm x 20cm

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